Welcome to the REAACH website! This site of the REpresentation Advances And CHallenges association aims to build a new knowledge network based on two pillars: people and research. Through the relations developed between people and research from different disciplines, it is possible to build new bridges that foster the development of an accessible and free knowledge. If you are interested in, we invite you to explore the site contents and join us in our family!


The REAACH Cultural Association is a medium in which innovative research belonging to Representation domain and border disciplines is promoted. The cultural activity of the Association will help to better remark borderlines and overlapping areas, promoting their specificities and fostering inferences and connections with other domains on an international scale. Representation, in its broadest sense, can be understood as a repository of different scientific products. The result of mono-, multi- or trans-disciplinary research, aimed at a deeper understanding of existing artifacts or the project. So, the Association domain include all cutting edge technologies and methodologies, showing an inclusive inclination toward all forms of Representation aimed at knowledge.


The systemic approach and cultural hybridization are two key points of the association, aimed at building a network of researchers who identify themselves within this specific community. The systems approach enables the definition of a critical mass, which is necessary to participate in and promote the cultural position of the association and its members in an international academic scenario increasingly characterized by the hybridization of different research groups. Fostering the construction of cultural networks and collaboration among researchers exploring the same issues becomes a fundamental mission. For this reason, the association becomes the house for different cultures to express their specific peculiarities, reaching a deeper understanding framed in a wide network.


REAACH (REpresentation Advances And CHallenges) is a symposium held annually and represents the Association’s annual main event. Started in 2020 (as REAACH-ID), it defines a valuable moment of disciplines meeting that develop borderline research on the cutting-edge methodologies of study and analysis between representation and other application fields. It defines a trans-disciplinary moment of personal and collective growth towards the construction of new relational and cognitive networks.

This year’s conference will be held online (on a zoom platform) on October 10 and 11, 2023

Every year the retrospective event leads to the publication of a volume. For the years 2021 and 2022, this publication was edited by the publisher FrancoAngeli within the series ‘diségno’. From 2023 the publication is edited by Springer, within the series ‘Digital Innovations in Architecture, Engineering and Construction’.

Each year during the symposium, the speeches are recorded and uploaded to dedicated youtube channels together with videos of the presentations already addressed to that channel.

Lastly, the Association also sponsors events that develop topics consistent with the Association’s topics.


The continuous mapping of current technologies and research defines a changing snapshot, defined by an ever-changing framework. The Association’s cultural project aims to become a national reference, offering itself as a repository and tool to support research that is free and accessible to all. The framework of research offered ranges from Cultural Heritage to Design, from Architecture to Territory, covering multiple scales of application. The variability of the content and the dynamic nature of the search keys allows for a dynamic response to ongoing transformations and changing needs, not constraining itself to the present but opening the space for further future research.