Patronage represents an appreciation and a symbolic form of adhesion of the REAACH association to cultural and scientific initiatives. Such initiatives shall comply with the aims expressed in the Statute of REAACH APS. The granting of patronage is free of charge. REAACH undertakes to share information concerning the initiative through its website and other communication channels managed by it. If patronage is granted, the applicant undertakes to accompany the promotional material with the caption “under the patronage of REAACH (REpresentation Advances And CHallenges)” and the REAACH logo.
The request for granting REAACH patronage to the initiative (including various activities such as conferences, congresses, seminars, courses, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and events in general) must be accompanied by a description that clearly illustrates its content and purpose. The application must be addressed to the REAACH Board at at least 30 days before the date of the initiative. It must be signed by the person in charge of the initiative or his/her express delegate. The evaluation for the granting of sponsorship to the initiative will be conducted based on the requirements summarised below:

  • congruity with the aims of the REAACH Statute;
  • constitution of the Scientific Committee in the case of conferences, congresses, and seminars;
  • the scientific quality of the proposal;
  • at least the national impact of the initiative.